Great article as ever. The coming crisis, by necessity, will grab the attention of the Western populations at large, and will utterly undermine the perceived legitimacy of existing Western institutions, and the occupants of those institutions. I suspect a combination of the overturning of the clearly illegitimate 2020 Presidential election, and the related exposure of the murderous global genocidal death jab push will be the first mass cracks of awakening. These evil cretins have pushed death and misery on millions of children for their own ambitions. Many abuses are consistently tolerated - that is a step too far. Of course, creatures with no real connection with actual love would ever grasp that - it is their blindspot, and will be their undoing.

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And while I admittedly voted for Sr. Bush, I knew things had gone terribly wrong in America. His Read My Lips and NWO were heard by few then. But those awake have watching America in decline ever since. Not saying he started it, I believe it started when the DS assassinated an American President in broad daylight with FULL COVER of our then "trusted" media.

Let's pray and hope it's become obvious enough for our fellow Americans.

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Agree, this is an excellent summary. One of the things that is so troubling, is that the Bidan/Obummer WH continues to funnel billions into Ukraine, while the European countries have (apparently) halted their financial support. And we know, from credible ground reports that a massive amount of the money and the weapons are being skimmed off the top. The Administration has to know this is occurring, and that the money is simply enriching the 100-200 gangsters who actually run the country. And they have to know that the weapons are making their way into Greece, Turkey, Poland, Spain and other countries where they will certainly be used to foment terror and civil unrest in those countries and elsewhere. It’s almost as if they want the entire Eurasian land mass to explode in conflict, and they are going to keep the money and the weapons flowing until that happens.

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Aug 23, 2022·edited Aug 24, 2022

People ask "How long will this take?" What I do is extrapolate two boundaries bordering on the ridiculous.

This will be no shorter than 1 hour, and no longer than 1000 years. The "white hats" will move in-between that period. Naturally people want it sooner.

If the whitehats wait 10 years without actually changing physical behavior (forget about "laws and rules"), then The West will be exactly like a despotic landscape of brown drowning white skin hues, with chaos and crime the order of the day. Look no further then Juarez, Mexico, miles from Texas. THIS is what the "globalists" or "nationalist Marxists" want EVERYWHERE.

This is Quentin Tarantino's psychotic wasteland wet dream. Is this way of living sustainable? No. Even Juarez, the wild west of Cartel battle, is only sustained by feeding it guns, ammunition, food, water, and of course drugs. Remove any of that and Juarez will perish.

THIS...is where the penny drops. Not all the underground rulers of Earth so to speak are insane and pretend that turning the surface into Dusk Till Dawn will actually self sustain itself. It can't because all the rich psychotic assholes that have yachts, hookers and coke only have that--due to the "engineers" of their infrastructure including their oversized toys.

You can't dumb down the population and expect your infrastructure will continue to be maintained. We're long past seeing this already fail with the "new" technological hardware-software a shi+show that frankly doesn't work (I know this...I am trying to get the crap to work...it's beyond garbage).

Yachts and big SUVs require parts and computers, the latter soon to implode. Manufacturing sites need raw materials and power...plus parts, computers, and labor bright enough to run it. THIS IS ALMOST GONE.

People will scoff at this. I laugh in their face. Find me a genius below 50. A real genius, not a copycat that can't spend 1 minute off his phone. Hollywood is the reveal here. Hollywood can't make anything original. Why? All the above. No genius, only copycats and coke snorting Marxists destroying the genres. Even "Maverick" is a remake. Get it?

At universities we have staff and students alike that can't think, only repeat. I know "patriots" who are no better. And everybody is self-censoring so they don't "offend" or "lose their audience". Morons.

So back to when do the Whitehats "pull the pin". Whenever they do it, it's likely it will be "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" then kiss goodbye the West. And frankly my money is on THAT. This would look like "congressional questioning" of blah blah blah but nothing will CHANGE.

What kind of change? Remove the Federal Reserve and go back to a gold backed currency. Tell whomever is "owed" the trillions in "debt" of this funny money printed out to KMA.

End the offshore manufacturing of stuff for America. You want something in America, build it locally. Same goes for Canada and everywhere else. Trade stuff that can't be made.

And END in America the "health insurance companies"...one big scam. And end the monopoly that allopathic medicine has. END the "electric car" scam. CLOSE THE WALL and deport the mofos that ran across it. In fact deport most of these bums that were encouraged to be here. And fix the countries they came from. And burn down the gender bending freaks. And dismantle the Education system which has been the number one reason Americans have gone mental. Introduce psychology and philosophy...that which the "crowd" is terrified of (being an individual with responsibilities instead of wanting "member perks"). Ayn Rand for a start.

But the above will NEVER happen because humans are NOT mature enough for that. Their psyche is still infantile (psychological parlance...Jung...study it) as evident for their clamoring for toys and gluttony.

I'd say that in the next 12 months the military must take over and just start hanging the criminals. but you have to deal with all the RINOS and career politicians everywhere.

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I upgraded to paid subscription because there is so much on this blog in the comments.! I agree with most of your comment.

I hate Big Medicine. My husband was a brilliant physician. When they told him back in IL that he was dying, he finally reached escape velocity and moved to my little rural underserved town in ID. He inbuilt his clinic and did almost everything. A lot of surgeries, made home visits, went out to the ranchers, about everything you could want. After I read all the insurance contracts, I told him come the next renewal we were not. He saved insurance companies and the patients $$$, and the insurance company minions made that very hard at times. He quickly was able to work up to the overseeing doc, got to know them on a first name basis and they got what he was doing. Insurance companied waste so much money because they have bean counters only looking ahead quarter to quarter, and delaying expenses for surgeries, etc., which ends up costing more $$$ later on, of course.

We had 2 docs come to ID after nice careers elsewhere. They are running their practices on a "membership/subscription basis. For example, one of them charges $109 for over age 60 patients. It is a deal and a half. They can make $ without the insurance hassles and the crazy overhead that insurance billing invovles-35-40% or more. They invest some of what they make back into the clinic, get better and more equipment. They keep the old-fashioned charts, which are actually more efficient They have excellent contracts with the lab services in the area and do not mark up the lab prices like many practices do. They are practicing excellent clinical medicine which is faster and minimizes "testing" everything to death. They can spend the time with patients they need to and are far more available for their patients. My husband practiced truly preventive medicine, nipping things in the bud, intervening before things got to where the patient needed hospitals, or more meds, etc. He jumped on it when a patients needed surgical intervention, and coordinate their care; he cut through the hoop jumping so people could get their backs fixed instead of the process getting dragged out with go to PT x months, etc. and ending up with more damage and worse outcomes. Good medicine can be done.

As for the military. The Pentagon creeps and usurpers have been promoting wars and waste. They support the MIC, as they often go there when they leave Presently, Pentagon "leaders" are polishing up the logistics of handing the U.S. over to the CCP with our infrastructure, bases and military hardware intact. This has been in process for a long time. Milley talking to his counterparts all the time? Imposing CRT, "wokeness" over preparedness, culling out battle experience officer more thoroughly than even Obama, the acquisition pipeline was sabotaged thoroughly about 118 months before the end of Trump's term. So, we were made short of jet parts, essential munitions, upgrades to everything, the software and heads-up displays not ordered, etc. Many companies dismantled their production lines completely because they were not getting the orders that should have been coming. How long have the Gerald Ford carriers been in testing now? Scrapping the missiles and vertical barrels, because supposed they "cost too much." they were allegedly and extra 10-15% more than the prior ones but were supposedly all that. Millions and billions in "cost-plus" contracts for IT, missile development etc. just scrapped. WTH. That cost-plus crap has to stop. They know exactly what they are doing crippling military members with the jab mandates, ignoring court orders to make meaningful religious and other exemptions from jabs. Destroying our NG, Coast Guard and so forth. The globohomopedo cabal/Establishment is trying to retain the goodies and power while being in bed with the CCP, and the CCP isn't going to make exceptions. They aren't going to keep their word ever, when have they? Although, they are financially strapped right now and are uncharacteristically allowing renegotiations on their Belt and Road projects, because they cannot manage foreclosing and then running the ports or finishing the infrastructure projects.

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I've adopted a saying I've heard from several sources and don't know who originated it.

"When we are done, everything will be fine. If everything isn't fine, we aren't done."

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Again a great piece of journalism and information on the world crisis that gives us the truth as to what is happening. Many have been awakened to the recent world changes. China and Russia are in the process of taking down and exposing the Deep State. The US is so over run by its own Deep State that it cannot acknowledge what Ukraine is all about because of its huge corruption there by the DNC families and DeepState players! The US so desperately needs to wipe out our Deep State players in order to regain our place in the world affairs as a respected nation. We the People have to take away our power from the DS and get our Country back!!! For those still oblivious to this state of affairs, it is so very important to research and learn from people like Clandestine because we will never get these facts from any of our media or politicians. God help us all in our fight to regain what is rightfully ours.

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DS for 30 years. Think it was a bit longer (as the start seemed to begin with the JFK assassination). Some DS actions: Carter gave up the Panama Canal. Bush jumped on Desert Storm (war being in character w/DS). But Clinton set up the demise of US manufacturing with NAFTA & several other international trade agreements; set it up with tax incentives for companies to leave the US, which continued through every administration until Trump arrived. Obama campaigned on returning manufacturing to the US, then told Trump he would need a magic wand to make it happen. Of course, Trump did his famous abrakadabrah.

The NAFTA actions made no sense. What sane country decimates the livelihoods of a large portion of its population, not to mention setting up dependence on other countries for basic goods. Were we taken over by aliens?

Thinking of the NATO action to take out Khadaffi after he gave up nuclear weapons. Wikileaks was full of Hilary's involvement in that one - along with the Benghazi cover of up the State Dept weapons sales. Bastards.

Your article is so spot on. European countries are intimately familiar with Ukraine corruption - the populations are not fooled. EU countries are protesting woke leadership restrictions on farming, which are being attempted in the US with ESG policies (God forbid).

The rest of the world is not being subjected to woke policies, unless they're being coerced in one way or another. Where leadership has gone insane, like the US at the present moment, change is inevitable.

Add Covid to all of this. It is impossible to expect Western institutions to change any of their methods that give them power - there is no remedy there. I agree with the premise of your earlier article that identifies a military coalition/alliance that can set the world/ship right again.

Your article gives hope that the Russia dialogue is being heard.

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Many thanks for this article and information. This is important and a good gauge of how things are progressing on the world front.💞

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I agree

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Great article Clandestine, thank you!

The West clearly could not give a toss about any European lives in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. All part of the depopulation agenda. Maybe they are gleefully looking forward to it as they continue with their outrageous provocations ...

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I pray that the rest of America can wake up and smell the bloody coffee already.

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Thank You Clandestine 🙏

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Not sure why China would go along. The CCP helped the democrats and RINO’s cheat in the 2020 election

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