So you have come to see that America has been a globalist elite created "TOOL" for the global elite Mafia to use to take over the planet. It has been a very hard awakening for me! I really thought America was a great Country that cared about other people in other countries......I can't even listen to Patriotic Songs any more! I know they are all LIES! American didn't save the world during WW1 and WW2. The people who control America started all the WARS! Then they talked Americans into joining by their Attacks on our own country. Nothing but lies!

What a hard way to wake up, to realize that we've all been lied to our whole lives about what the global elite Parasites have been doing with our money and our Military. They have used us, our men and women, to rule the world. They took over country after country after country while creating one WAR after another,....always creating the CRISIS that starts the WAR where ever they want to take something from someone else.

They carefully fund both sides and then,....when they have what they wanted, they end the war as if it meant nothing. Leaving desolation and destruction and starvation and genocide behind. EVERY WHERE!

America has been at WAR for 238 of our 247 years in Existence! Our Country was started and built up really fast by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and all the other 13 Crime Families, to create a "Super Power" in just a few short years. A Super Power to be used as a Weapon to get their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ETC into place. Where they rule the planet.

We have been an incredibly EVIL WEAPON against the world! A TOOL. And we, the American People, have been PLAYED! We are still being PLAYED. You can see it so clearly in Israel!!! Another "war" being used as a LAND GRAB by Israel!

Everything you see around you is a SCAM or a Narrative that these global elite's use to push us emotionally to do what they want and need to push their Agenda 2050, no, 2030, and now? It's 2027. And they are almost there too!

If we don't get President Trump back in charge, or someone else who really SEES the bigger Picture, there will be no hope for America, we will just be a WEF/CCP Colony.

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We have very small chances to UNDO all the horrific decisions made by the O-Biden Administration and all of their Communist Partners. We must VOTE to end this terrorist cabal of power in our country. There is one single person who has the Intellect, Courage, and Ability to bring HATERS together to save our Country and World. That MAN IS PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP. VOTE FOR TRUMP or VOTE YOURSELF TO SERIOUS NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES AND THE FAILURE AND DESTRUCTION OF THE USDA. rEAD AND LEARN THE REALITY OF THIS SITUATION. LEAVE RACE, ANGER, HATE, AND YOUR NATURAL BIASES OUT OF IT. VOTE WITH YOUR BRAIN.

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So true, DJT wrote the book "The Art Of The Deal", there is no man more qualified to run this country that has so many wrongs we need to make right. I am willing to do what it takes to get the worlds perception of the United States to match the integrity of it's people. Step 1 is having a leader that shares the very same values and pride in our country, a leader that works harder for his people than he does for himself. I better stop there and save this type of passion for my own writing. Great work as always Clandestine....

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This was such a bad day when I learned the country I love in are guilty of crimes against humanity. I 🙏 they are held to account. God watches the good an the evil.

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I concur 99%.

My 1% point of contention: Communist China; the CCP, DOES want to control / dominate the entire world (hence it's One Belt One Road mission). They've been just as "hegemonious" as the U.S., possibly even more so, but they've employed devious economic strategies, rather than direct force. The CCP is "buying up" the world's poorer nations in its quest to create a global economy centered in China ("Made in China: 2025").

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