Can't even begin to speak on your phenomenal reporting on a subject of such colossal importance.

Somehow someway may the Lord bless you and keep you.

It takes a lot to digest everything about this. I can only imagine the challenge of doing all the research to write all this. As a fellow anon seeking truth you are a treasure. Thank you greatly.

You are my third subscription for news in this new era. (Dave@X22report, and LT@AndWeKnow are the other two) May you be blessed with record number of subscriptions for your work.

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I think back to when Putin met with Trump solo, and then Trump started asking Ukraine questions... Which got diverted by "impeachment" hearings. And when that didn't work, C19 was released by the biolabs that Putin was telling Trump about... Follow the shiny object.

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Swimming in this sea of synchronicity with you. The real leaders of the world are working together to rid this planet of the unspeakable evil infection. It's nothing to brag about being American if that means supporting human trafficking and war. Trump has been clear about how he feels even saying those involved in human trafficking and drug trafficking should get death.

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Bravo! We always wondered why the RINOs and DEMs could never accomplish anything for us...now we know....they weren’t trying.

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You are absolutely right BC. Excellent reporting on what's truly going on with these leaders.

I watched a video from Ukrainian people during the Obama administration.

The person doing the video said there were snipers shooting people on both sides of the unrest there.

It was the Clowns In America doing these shootings.

Thus the civil war began.

Shortly afterwards Graham, no name and Klobachar were over there representing our Republic showing support for Poroshenko.

The coup happened after that and the pro-Russian president,( I don't recall his name) fled the country to Russia.

The DS installed Poroshenko afterwards.

That's when the corruption really got out of control. The money laundering went full steam ahead.

This was the reason Graham nearly had heart failure when Putin went in to Ukraine.

Graham is scared shitless that his treason is going to be exposed.

Too late for that scumbag.

The impeachment over the Trump phone call to Zelenski was very telling as well.

The criminals in our congress panicked and are still panicking to this day.

They believe if they can stop another Trump administration, they will get away with their criminal activity in the Ukraine.

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Excellent! As usual, you put things into such clear perspective and makes my discussions with others much better because I feel very informed. Doing my job spreading the word in the battle. 😉

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Well done again my friend. Many saw this coming, but your detailed research and succinct word craft expresses it all so damn well.

Truth is a WIN. People Understanding it is a Win.

Hat Tip, Hugs, and Handshakes all around Patriots.

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I know from Russian channels, there was a very valuable information inside of the football, some day we will find out! My gut feeling, it was about Biolabs in Ukraine.

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The great awakening!!! Love getting the real truth and being able to make sense of all the chaos. Thankful for your research and insight!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯💯💯

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This is 100%. Excellent reporting, a real journalist in an 'official' world full of liars and fakes.

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Love this article. “What can I do?” you may ask. I am an “awakening Christian”, meaning I have been “saved”, but have heretofore been of a “So what” mindset, as Christianity has had such little cultural effect. Ahhh… the devil is real, and he is the price receiver. And most organized churches are utterly deceived in a powerless belief structure. Most, not all, thank God. I am now waking up to the authority we have in Christ. The mandate is PRAYER, strategic and with authority. And, God is answering! So, here is an enlistment opportunity… watch this entire sermon/ message/ prophetic “word”, (SO timely and encouraging) then, simply ask King Jesus to help you adorn His armor, and join the battle from wherever you are: https://youtu.be/rkRhobzlk9U. Ehen led by Holy Spirit, your voice, your words, your HEART has world changing power. “How?” you say…. Just believe in Him who came, who died, and who ROSE from the grave… King Jesus. It’s the A train! Get your butt on board and let’s ride on the goodness of God together to VICTORY. Amen (So be it!)

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I think you are absolutely right. Beautiful pictures of our true President. Thank you.

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When I got arrested and subsequently tried for speaking out against the horrendous British (MI6 are as involved as the DNC (they're British too) system in 2015 - I said I stood with President Putin and got made to pay for it - the British empire has been trying since 1707 / 1776 to eradicate the English and the common law wherever it is to be found - which is why the British empire are hell bent on destroying England's big brother America

Putin wants peace and prosperity for all and the British empire wants wars cos wars mean banks / insurance companies / big pharma all get big pay days on the back of our nationalism and politicians get to make a name for themselves by appearing to be in tune with the people when they're taking kickbacks for lying to the people and sending them to their deaths on a battlefield pre-prepped by them

Trump knew so he's thrown deep state under a bus and Putin and Xi in particular are helping make global peace a reality - big government is gone and the light touch English system (Nesara gesara) is coming back

Enjoyed reading your thoughts clandestine

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This is starting to get exhilarating!

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👏👏 Thank You again Clandestine Great work. God bless You and Your's 🙏 💪🙌

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Your best piece yet ! Love it !

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